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Russia crime simulator 3D


Russian crime carrier - is a unique game, with excellent 3D control and realistic physics of driving a vehicle!Your first order is to hijack a Russian town in a wheelbarrow, and deliver it in a garage, while you are waiting for the chase from the police, fire, explosions, and moreThese races on city streets, Choose Your favorite car and do whatever you want.Before you play with high quality graphics and optimizationWe offer to your attention a fascinating game in which you have access to everything without any restrictionsin the game you will find a true open world, get behind the wheel of the coolest cars of all generations and live on yourIn the game you are waiting for SUVs, race cars, drift cars, a completely open world, beautiful graphics, cool physics,customizable cars and change during the gameJust a movie mode in which you will watch your driving side
The game is constantly evolving, we ask you to write requests that add to the game, and we will do it!
- Character control of 3 persons- Great opportunities for exploring the city: you can fight, shoot, sit in the car, throw people out of their cars and drive off, ride a motorcycle, bus and even on the tram!- Unique system of road traffic and traffic lights- Realistic 3D graphics- Fully detailed open world- Easy and intuitive operation- The public transport - buses, trams and taxis!- Implemented the system of police chases, if you violated public order- Rich storyline mission to help you get a unique weapon / machine- Cool weapons- Complete car tuning